Not a Hurried Pace but a Balanced Life

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Mono Lake CA
Creative Commons License photo credit: FunnyFence

The impulse that comes to me more often these days is a concept of balance and living life in the moment – doing the things I love right now which requires that I practice loving every thing that I do.

So I am not in a hurry.

Life is unfolding at a rate of speed that is perfectly designed to allow me a few moments of concentrated devotion to each task that the day brings forward from out of the diversity of rich interests that inhabit my life.

And I trust the unfolding plan. Its graceful flowing pattern is so far beyond my own ability to manage things. And that leaves me able to simply do what's in front of me to do now and trust that it is the right next thing to be done for my overall good.

This is the way to achieve a balanced life.

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