The Secret of Contentment

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My life is so full of good stuff right now! Why would I be in a rush to get to some imagined “better” place?

There are no dreaded moments in my day. Everything I do I choose so there's nothing I feel forced to do or resentful about having to do.

It is not about the nature of our doing as much as it is about choosing to maintain an attitude that lines us up with what is to be done.

By choosing to prefer what we are doing right now we allow ourselves the joy of doing it. This is the secret to contentment.

I work on my projects as they come up in my day and give whatever I am doing my attention. Even necessary distractions (a business call or a grandchild's need) gets my full attention because that particular thing is what is “asking” to be next in line for my attention and energy flow.

When we go about our day in such a way we are moved by a graceful rhythm that combines our tasks in to the steps of a beautiful dance that we call “having a balanced life.”

Seeing life in such a way keeps us in touch with our native joy and grateful wonder. Such is the stuff that fills a good life.

May it be so for you

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