A fiery, young Qigong master teaches ….

I am continuing to realize the gifts of insight that I received this past weekend’s from the Qigong Seminar that Daniel and I attended led by Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong.

I SO believe in bringing our body, with its own distinct intelligence into the consciousness expansion process… and to find such a wonderful teacher of Qigong is a wonderful treat.

Among the top gifts I received was having the opportunity to watch a really good teacher teach. Jeff is a young man, with the fierce intensity that you see in someone who is doing their being … another way of saying that he appears to know that he’s doing what he came to do. I see that same sort of dedicated focus in my son, Andrew (learn more about Andrew here. Both of these young men are master teachers – it’s easy for me to imagine they’ve done what they do for lifetimes – they’re naturals at it. Jeff is all fiery passion and steel … (to go along with the elemental teaching he shared this weekend.) vibrant and alive and at the same time disciplined and organized.

I learned a lot watching Jeff work. He has a way of bringing his material down to the very basics – complete with examples and metaphors that everyone, no matter how “new to all this” they might be, can get.

Jeff did a wonderful job of showing us a better understanding of how energy works in the body according to some of the ancient traditions.
This weekend opportunity to watch him work provided me with many wonderful techniques and tools for working with chi – I am eager to experiment with what I learned and see the benefits I know will be forthcoming.

I definitely left with a sense of having gotten my money’s worth out of the weekend … and I didn't even get to stay the whole four days! 🙂

Nonetheless, I highly recommend his work to you all as a way to develop your dialogue with the body for the purposes of healing as well as learning qigong to utilize as a highly effective tool for facilitating consciousness.

Blessings, Lynne

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