The Body Connection

The only thing I have to share with others (the only thing any one of us can share) is my own experience of Reality. This is all anyone, no matter how free they may be, can do. We can only teach about the nature of Reality as we experience Its flowing through us. Of course that will be affected by our own lens.

Our internal “God shaped space” will determine how we are each filled and played by Source. We are each uniquely shaped to sound a different note when Source plays through us. One cannot imitate another and stay true to the purity of ones own and true sound.

I see more and more clearly that my own path is one of clearing away story through the physical body. The path to freedom for me is through the body. The body is the mirror of my thoughts and beliefs. It perfectly reflects my mental concepts and beliefs.

I've come to understand the principles of manifestation, by getting to know and learning to dialogue with my body. Because the body is the product of our beliefs. It is our current manifestation. We have the opportunity to turn the physical body into a laboratory for consciousness. That is what I practice.

This is something I can share – not because it will guarantee enlightenment, but because it is a powerful stepping stone en-route to freedom.

There's so much more….
But for now… enough.

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