Surrendering Judgment

To surrender my judgments about a situation and the stories about what it all means or about how things should have been different …. this is the quickest route I know to restoring peace.

Seen through the eyes of surrender, even very painful situations look very different. When I allow myself to see the situation as a “what is” – and trust that it happened FOR me, I can begin to focus on what gifts are being offered by that situation. Then, rather than copping an attitude of, “BUMMER … what's wrong here? This shouldn't be happening!”, I can instead see it through a lens of gratitude … “Thank God, this happened because …. (fill in the blank)”

For instance, I was planning to spend the day with Daniel on New Years and then he told me that he had to work. I heard the old “I'm not important” thought run through my mind … but immediately recognized it for the misery generating story that it is and decided against personalizing it. Instead I re-focused my mind towards identifying how this was going to work for me. Promptly, my reality shifted … suddenly I was excited about having the day all to myself! I thought, “Wow, I get to spend the first day of the year alone in dedication to my relationship with Source – Awesome!”

Later, he changed his mind and I was just as thrilled. It's like whatever happens brings new possibilities for gladness. Life is so simple when we live without expectations and demanding preferences!
Try it and see for yourself!

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