Awakening Cannot Be Imitated

This morning's teaching was that I cannot follow even the Enlightened Ones to freedom…. They cannot take me there. Each Awakening is uniquely designed for that particular consciousness. It will not necessarily look like any other Awakening. To try to imitate another's path to Awakening is only to lose connection with my own particular Way.

To try to do what they did in the hopes that I will be taken to the same place is futile. Why? Because it is a doing and enlightenment is an undoing – it is a non-doing. It cannot happen through effort and attempts to perform.

Any effort to follow another to enlightenment is only me trying to be something … some life expression, that I am not. I can only let the Work happen through me … or not … in the Way that fits the unique expression that “I am”. I will be dropped into “En-Light-en-ness” if and how Source sees fit. There is nothing I can “do” to make that happen. This realization leaves me free to experience this moment … without hurry. There is nothing to do – nowhere to go.
All is well.

Blessings on this first day of your new life.

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