Clearing Core Beliefs Energetically

This morning while doing Qigong, I was paying attention to the felt-sense differences in energy as I moved my hands over (Without physically touching) various areas of my mid-body. I noticed that there was a definite difference between the energy on my right versus the energy on my left side of the body. The right felt thick and sort of heavy – sticky … I began to pull the dark energy, using my intention and imagination to visualize the dark energy being pulled up and out as I moved my hands.

As I worked to balance the area through moving the energy I began to get in touch with the story lodged there …. It’s a story about being sick. I seemed to me that I was feeling, through my hands, the accumulated cloying heaviness of a deep-seated belief that says, “I am unwell and not able to truly heal. Total health is not possible for me ….”

As I continued to silently move my hands, mixing and balancing the yin/yang energy, the Observer Self moved forward to “meet” the story. Not judge the thought, mind you, but not automatically assume it’s true, either.

“Is that true?” “Do I absolutely KNOW that I cannot experience complete healing?” “Where does believing that idea take me?” “How does that color the way I see myself and the world when I believe that thought?”

I began to hear other, sort of “subsidiary”, thoughts rise to the surface – ideas that were similar in frequency structure – I’ve realized before that beliefs sort of tag on to other thoughts that are similar to themselves… They have their own simple intelligence – after all energy IS alive and thoughts are an electromagnetic life force… They are attracted to a central idea of like ilk; they congregate around it and feed off of the “core” belief… until the mental space becomes completely clogged with that particular energy type.

Before we know it, we’ve taken on that whole mental stream, believing it blindly and seeing it everywhere we look. We have decided it’s just “the way it is”. We can only see in the world around us that which reinforces and verifies our particular belief structure.

The thoughts I heard come up were ones like, “It’s inevitable … it’s only a matter of time before I get really sick again …”

Another tag-along thought was, “I don’t deserve to be well. I have to pay with my health for all the poor choices I’ve made in the past”

And then there’s this commonly heard story … “I’m old and old bodies cannot stay well – my body is not strong enough – it’s too late, I’ve waited too long to do anything about my health.”

Do I absolutely know that any of these ideas are true?

As I questioned these thoughts, I turned my intention to healing the imbalances on the right side of my body. I could feel the heaviness dissipate.

“What would it be like to be free of such limiting thoughts?”, I asked myself.

Immediately, I began to get visual and visceral hints of the freedom and lightness that detaching from those beliefs offers. I choose to go there.

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