Personal Transformation; My Story – part 5 (The Requirements)

I share this with you as a model of what is possible.
I stand on the other side of a door in a life that I once could only intellectualize and fantasize about. I don’t think I truly believed I could experience what I’d read and heard from others as being possible on the other side of that door. I am here to say not only is it possible to cultivate a relationship with a Living Intelligence that will transform you, but that that Source eagerly awaits your decision, holding in reserve for you all the resources and tools that are specifically designed for your own totally unique awakening and transformation.

It requires first, a burning desire to experience awakening, which takes us to the second essential ingredient – self discipline, the willingness to commit to a daily practice of your own design.
Through a loving, and relentless, commitment to our own freedom we develop a rugged intolerance to the ego’s many and diverse attempts to spiral us into negative reactions and limiting story. When frequency drops, there is an absolute resolve to find that within ourselves which is blocking peace.

The principles I share with you are ALIVE in me … I walk a “path of verification” that has more than adequately demonstrated the veracity of the Universal Laws I practice.

It is none of my business whether you believe or practice these principles. Sometimes, when I forget that, I feel frustrated or get hooked by your resistances. I may then become impatient or get involved in trying to “convince” you … having failed for a moment to remember how long I, myself, resisted and doubted these same truths! That's when I remember that, indeed you mirror my own remaining resistances. I am grateful.

I have learned that it is only through bringing these principles into daily practice that we can truly verify them for ourselves. They remain obtuse and impossible to glean through the intellect – we must “embody” them if we are to verify them as authentic.

My wholehearted desire is for you to experience the miracles available for you through this process in your own everyday life. My intention is to be a living demonstration of this work – to share and clarify, yes … but more, to show the way through my life example. (“by their fruits you shall know them …”)

My efforts, however will remain mere mental abstracts, good fodder for philosophical discussion and nothing more, unless you commit to a practice of daily cultivation. It's up to you. Why not make your life a research laboratory for exploring these principles? What have you got to lose, except a load of story and suffering?

Blessings, Lynne

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