Personal Transformation; My Story – part 4 (Dramatic Change)

Today, not a year later, the changes are dramatic, inside and out. I do indeed have a new body.

For instance, I dropped forty pounds without effort. I mean that literally. I did not diet. As a matter of fact, when I made the decision to become a serious practitioner, losing weight was not foremost in my thoughts. I wanted to heal and align with Source. But in that daily alignment with the Universal Presence, something else began to move me. This energy I call “Source” began to make my “choices” for me. I continued to eat what I wanted … it’s just that what I wanted to eat began to be more the foods and quantity of food that nourished, rather than derailed, my overall health.

In addition, through my daily practice of directing and clearing energy through imagery and intention I began to experience new levels of strength, flexibility, and physical energy that has allowed me to do things I was never able to do before. I have been able to participate in strenuous exercise (like hauling rock for the water garden) without stiffness or residual soreness as well as finding myself able to perform physical feats requiring a flexibility I never dreamed possible.
My posture has changed and my skin is healthier as well. (Another resource I rely on is “Natures Embrace Organics” – the line of skin care products that was developed by my son, Andrew – see naturesembraceonline.com)

As far as the hepatitis goes, it is now in complete remission. There is no more liver pain – the organs work smoothly without the aid of any kind of prescription medication, although I do a daily regimen of supplements and vitamins. My health is radiant.

The bigger healing for me, however has been on the mental and spiritual level. Part of the work that has transpired in my daily practice has been in locating and clearing the cellular levels of mental “story” that has been housed in the body. For instance, I found that there was a great deal of blockage in my belly and sacral area. I couldn’t seem to feel “aliveness” there. Through the practices, I slowly began to “unwind” years of abuse and trauma I found stored there. The residue from painful beliefs and stories I’d concocted about myself in relation to the abusive happenings in my life were being carried in my second and third chakras. I began to unwind these physical holdings and release the stories and beliefs connected to them, enabling me to better align with Reality.

The work is ongoing. I am a work in progress … and I love that. What better is there to do than clear and align with Source? Peace and inner stillness often predominate now, allowing me to be more present and thereby available for movement by a Universal Source who inspires and awes me every day – all day long.

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