Choosing Frequency

One of my students (thanks Je :)) shared the following example as a way to explain how frequency works ….She said;”Let's say you enter a room full of people.  Half of the crowd is angry and negative and the other half are very positive and upbeat.   The Law of Vibration says that whatever frequency you're on when you walk into the room will determine which group you will find yourself attracted to.”When I shared this metaphor with a client who was stuck in “victim” mentality, she immediately and confidently proclaimed, “I would choose the positive, high frequency group, of course!”  I asked, “When do you plan to start?”  “So far you have conveyed one example after another of how mistreated you are by your boss, your co-workers and your mate … so when exactly do you plan to choose a higher frequency?” It is a choice.  When someone says or behaves towards us in a way that we find offensive and we re-play that scene over and over in our minds – or tell our friends all about how unfairly we've been treated … then we are choosing a low frequency.  Low frequency attracts more low frequency.  Ego likes to personalize other people's behavior – i.e. make their behavior about themselves.  It likes to take something hurtful and dwell on it … and in this way generate lots of resistance in the form of judgment, resentment and hurt feelings and then, ego will work to convince us that our unhappy feelings are justified.  Although there is nothing positive to be gained from mentally regurgitating past painful memories, ego likes to take us into that kind of mental punishment in order to strengthen its own identity as a helpless victim in an unfair world.  This is self abuse.  It generates a low vibration that attracts nothing but more pain and suffering.  Choose instead to let the behavior of others be theirs – and not about you.  Refuse to attach to stories your ego wants to feed you about how they did this or that TO you.  Instead focus on what is working in your life and the things that bring you pleasure.  This is you choosing to associate with the “high frequency crowd”.  Cheers!  🙂

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