Personal Transformation; My Story – part 3 (Resources)

On the morning of December 16, 2006 (12-16-2006 reduces to a 10/1 – for those who know something about number, you know that signifies “new beginning”) I made the decision to become a serious practitioner of the tools and teachings I’d gathered over the years. I decided to use them towards healing my body and the mind. (not that I didn't already have a daily practice … I just made the commitment to seriously apply these tools towards the specific goal of healing my body and mind.)

Below I've listed some of these resources. I do not mean to imply that these processes, in and of themselves, are essential to the healing and clearing that has taken place. Every individual is “instructed” through their own practice about what tools will work best for them. I am simply sharing with you some of the tools I use ….

Sitting in Silence has been an essential part of the healing work. This practice of focused breath and intention connects me with an inner spaciousness from which Presence seems to flow.

Another major resource for me has been Yoga. I was already (and still continue) having ongoing weekly session with Janka, a yoga instructor who has an incredible intuitive understanding, through her bodywork training, of how the physical body works. During our sessions, she taught me how to refine the yoga asanas (postures) on more subtle levels, using breath and intention as well as subtle physical adjustments to achieve greater openness and alignment with Source. I take what she teaches into my daily practice at home and combine it with other methods I’ve learned.

Having spent two summers in Peru studying the ancient traditions of the Qero’s Indians with anthropologist, Juan Nunez del Prado, I began to integrate some of those techniques into my daily practice as well. Juan taught me how to bring in “sami” or high, light energy and use it to clear the dark, heavy energy, called “hoocha” in the body. He taught me the proper use of intention as a way to direct energy. I began to understand that I didn’t have to “see” or “feel” the energy in order to experience the benefits of it. All I need to do is use my “intension” for moving energy and know that it is so in order to experience the very real and powerful healing that comes as a result of that practice.

Another tool has been unwinding that I learned from the training I did with John Barnes and his “Myofacial Release”. His work taught me that the body takes on and carries the stress caused by any sort of physical or emotional trauma that we’ve experienced. These traumas cause the fascia (which is the system of tiny capillaries of water (the body is 80% water) that lie just beneath the skin and that surrounds every single organ in the body, making movement possible) to become twisted and stretched into painful patterns that end up inhibiting our ability to move without constriction and eventually leading to all sorts of disease and susceptibility to illness. He teaches a process he calls, “unwinding” – releasing these pain patterns in the body to facilitate healing and restore freedom of movement. This is something I often use during breath and journey work, for myself and others.

Along with these more physical and energy moving practices, I added the mental clearing techniques that I learned from my work with core beliefs and practitioners like Byron Katie (“Loving What Is”), Eckhert Tolle (The Power of Now), Esther Hicks (“The Abraham Material”) and Michael Brown (“The Presence Process”). Teachers like these brought me a deeper understanding of the seven Universal Laws as elucidated in writings from ancient texts such as The Bible, “The Kyballion” (by Three Initiates), tarot and studying the Qabalah’s, Tree of Life.

I became deeply committed to using these instructional tools to clear my mind whenever an internal negative reaction signaled that I was in the throes of an ego-limiting story. I became rigorous and unrelenting in applying these principles by refusing to allow a negative reaction to spiral me into an emotional drama and sinking me into low frequency.

Slowly ego began to release its hold on me. Over and over I would remind myself that my feelings are generated by MY thoughts – not some external cause. I refused to allow myself to get away with pointing the finger at some one or thing outside my own mind when I was upset. This commitment allowed me to follow negative reactions in to the troublesome thought that created it in the first place. I insist that I am 100% responsible for my own unhappiness – no exception.

There are other resources too, that have been brought to me for support and healing throughout this major transformation. They include local professionals such as Dr Oh and his son, Jong who are acupuncturists. My experience has shown me that acupuncture does truly open the meridians in the body to allow for better energy flow and thus promote healing.

Jane is another professional who was sent my way. She is a colon therapist and inspired Christian of eighty plus years who is a living example of physical and spiritual health in her own right. She has been a wonderful mentor for me in learning to nourish and cleanse the physical body. She also brings me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Bible, which I see as a powerful alchemical text.

These and more … the resources have continued to increase as I open to the “nudges” and promptings that come through the relationship I daily cultivate with Universal Energy.

To be continued …

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