Personal Transformation; My Story – part 2 (Prophesy or synchronicity?)

Nine years ago I attended a gathering in Sedona, Arizona, led by a man, (let’s call him Tom) who was my mentor at that time. Tom was a teacher of Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner’s work on esoteric principles; called Anthroposophy. He was a known “ray reader” – one of the few people who can “take in” and decipher a persons essential vibration. That’s part of what he was doing that weekend with those of us who had come from all over the U.S to learn from him. When it was my turn to have my rays read, he “took my vibration in” and then began to give me all sorts of information about myself, most of which I’ve forgotten.

However he made two statements that have stayed with me ….
The first was that I was becoming, what in esoterics is called, a “soul infused personality”. At the time, I had only a sketchy idea of what that meant… though I certainly liked the way it sounded. 🙂

I’ve since come to know that this is a term used to describe an internal marriage between the Higher and lower selves (lower self is ego) in which the Higher Self (or Authentic Essence) comes into alignment with Universal Source to become the dominant force in the life expression.

The other thing he said was, “You will have a new body.” 

Now, nine years later, not through external means, but through a daily process of cultivating a living relationship with Source, both of those statements are being borne out in reality.

Did Tom actually “foretell” these things or did he plant a “suggestion”?

I have never been one to seek “fortune telling” … not because I don't think “seeing into the future” is possible, but because I do not want to develop a dependency on some outside force to determine my life decisions. I want to develop a relationship with my own Internal Source of guidance. I have known people who habitually consulted oracles of some sort (tarot or astrology, for instance) to govern, even the most trivial, of daily affairs. (“The cards say I can't go out today”, sort of thing) It can be a way of relinquishing self-accountability and diminishing trust in our own “inner knowing”.

The power of suggestion is a possibility. The mind is a powerful tool and very susceptible to suggestion.  When something is suggested to us (“You will succeed in your new business” or “You will meet your life mate soon”) and we believe it, we may generate a vibrational frequency that attracts that very thing. This is great when the suggestion is a positive one … but when it is a negative suggestion (“you will receive bad news” or “You will experience great loss”) and we believe it – then we set that thought energy in motion and may unconsciously “expect” it to happen. Again … this may prompt it into manifestation. The key is “believing” … We unconsciously act in accordance to our beliefs, so the rule of thumb is to consciously and carefully choose what to believe!

These are some of the reasons that “psychic readings” and oracles such as tarot and astrology can be seen by some as dangerous – and rightfully so. Used unwisely we set ourselves up to be governed by an outside force or set in motion a negative manifestation through the power of suggestion.

There is a difference in synchronicity and prophesy, however. I do use tarot, for instance – just not to predict the future. I see tarot as a valid system of ancient symbols that powerfully illustrates spiritual principles. When I draw a card with a particular situation in mind, I do so, not to find out what I should do … but to gain insight into the spiritual principle represented by the card. It is often true that the card drawn will appear perfectly matched for the situation being addressed. This is not “the work of the devil”, as some may believe. but simply the law of synchronicity being played out.

Synchronicity is an extension of the Law of Vibration … which says that we attract that which is on the same frequency or vibration. Synchronicity can be seen as a way the Universe signals us that we are on target. I like to think of it as one of many ways that we experience a living exchange with Universal Energy.

What does all this have to do with my “new body”? Only that I think it's possible that the thought for a new body may have been planted in my subconscious nine years ago (9 being a number signifying completion or “gestation”) and has now manifested in reality! 🙂

To be continued … .

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