Transforming Struggle to Opportunities For Awakening

(*When I sat down to blog this morning, I had something totally different in mind to write, but this post on realizing our life challenges as opportunity for Awakening is what came through and insisted on being written  … I do not know how much YOU get from what is written through this hand, but I sit at the feet of the Source of my

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Listening to Ourselves As Step Towards Loving Better …

Once we have learned to listen to ourselves well enough that we don’t need to scream at our loved ones in daily life, then we get to have the relationship of our dreams. Until then we can only snipe at, attack and blame one another for the misery we suffer from the self abuse and neglect we experience inside. Notice a kitten who, when treated

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How Do We Make Peace With Dementia or Alzheimers?

I so empathize wth those who struggle with how to make peace with watching our loved ones struggle with Dementia or Alzheimers. There is no easy answer … although the route to peace is simple in terms of how to get there, it still requires a complete shift in the way we see our life situations to accomplish. There are some simple (not easy) consciousness

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The Magic of Alchemy …

Real Magic occurs when we consciously project an  assigned thought with intention and focus into the world where it becomes a visible person, place, or thing. Seen this way, we realize we are ALL magicians because we turn thoughts into things.   With that in mind, wouldn’t it mean then that we are practicing an unconscious form of black magic (meaning done in the darkness

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In Our Mad Attempts to Stop the Pain

We all have our ways of “not going there” – of trying to avoid feeling the inner pain brought on by our losses and difficult transitions. And – please don’t get me wrong! I understand! Believe me! I have had my own ways of medicating and numbing to the pain in my efforts to keep from falling into the vat of inner darkness left over

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