Sharing The Lineage That Was Passed Down To Us …

Like many of you, my journey started out in major dysfunction. I was the second of three, the child who would never amount to anything …” or so the story was about me in my family which was filled with addiction and rage. However, as in all things, there was a saving grace that saw me through. That saving grace was my mother’s faith in

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A Friend Shares Tips For Recovery

I share this article with you written by Rufus Carter because it brought up for me my own memory of those early days in my recovery when I was transitioning from the old life of addiction, shame and misery and shifting into a whole new way of seeing myself and my life. I remember having no idea of who this newly emerging self was; all

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The Reality Formula At Work In Business

The Guiding Principles of Reality work wherever they are used. These Universal Truths are the way we see life when we are aligned with Reality. They bring us a sense of peace in our personal and family life, and they help us find right relationship with our partners, in life as well as in the business arena.Today I decided it would be helpful to share

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Guiding Principles VS The Victim Perspective

Guiding Principles Vs. Victim Perspective 1. Law of Cause & Effect: There is no coincidence. Everything has a cause and an effect. Regardless of whether what we experience is painful or creates happiness, it is always FOR the expansion of our consciousness and therefore serves us. Victim Perspective: I am a victim at the mercy of an unfair world. Life is chaotic and without rhyme or

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Giving It All Up For The Joy Of Inner Peace

I have been in the throes of loss. Resistance to loss guarantees suffering. And I have suffered. But Suffering can also serve to Awaken us to choose freedom from suffering. About this I want to speak. As part of my Awakening, I have been asked to detach. I know this because I have experienced much loss. Through the Guiding Principles I am encouraged, however, to

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