Living Out Our Diagnosis …

When we mentally attune our thoughts to the unhappy expectations of others, especially when those others are “experts” who base their words on “scientific proof,” or “medical evidence”  (which makes it sound so TRUE), we tend to fall under the spell of believing what we hear … and then we tend to live that diagnosis out in life. For truly I have found, that it

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What We Focus On Is Reflected Back Through Immediate Life Experience …

There seems to be quite a lot of mental confusion about what comes first: seeing or believing… Most of us tend to think that there must be visible evidence of something before we can believe in it as real, or possible. However, the opposite is true. We must first believe something is possible before we can see it in concrete form. The concrete manifestation of

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Even Betrayal Serves …

We tend to beieve that if we are living “right” we will achieve “success” (as if such a thing exists … ). But this is not what Jesus the Christ modelled through his life example. His life is one that thousands of years later is still extolled as the example of an Exalted Life. The story of Jesus is indeed a beautiful demonstration of Universal

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Dreaming Myself Awake; The Victim Mind-Set Revealed

I want to share a powerful dream I had recently that did a beautiful job of illustrating how the victim mind takes over our consciousness and invokes internal terror. This dream has awakened me to a whole new level of seeing life. Perhaps you will gain something from it as well. The dream: I was happily living with my lover in our home, which was

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Living My Process In “Real” Time …

My life has always been an educational experience. I have come to see that we never arrive at a place of completion in life because life is like a fast river that is ever flowing towards us; it brings to us, in its flowing stream, the challenges and obstacles that are perfectly age appropriate for us in the moment. I remember as a young mother

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