Coronavirus: When FEAR Rules …

“What we focus on expands…” This is a universal law that is easily observable… When we focus on the positive we experience growing positive results, and the opposite is also true:when we focus on the negative, negative results expand. We can apply this universal principle in all things, including in relation to fear, a state of being that is rampant right now in the world,

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Leading A Life Of Demonstration and Verification

I grew up surrounded by esoteric, metaphysical concepts where often the spiritual journey was referred to as a path of “verification.”  I have since come to see the truth that, indeed, whether we know it or not, we are all of us living a life where we demonstrate and verify our beliefs – whatever those are. As a result, I’ve decided that this is, in

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Becoming Heart Centered Thinkers; Our Next Step In Maturity

I believe humanity is awakening to the realization that we are essentially heart-centered beings. Did you know that we all start out life literally as a beating heart? Before there was any sign of a brain, the fetal zygote was being run by a thinking heart. Isn’t it interesting that we tend to value the brain above all other organs? We clearly see the brain

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Our Two Opposing Selves Meet Reality Formula

Most of us believe the limited, fear-based, ego-drenched version of who we THINK we are, and discount the rare glimpses of the authentic being that we truly are.  The interaction between these two totally opposing selves creates the evolution and co-creation, through contrast, of our greatest desires.  Our mission, should we accept it, is to intentionally, with purpose, choose to focus on and celebrate the

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The Problem With Looking For A Problem

In victim consciousness there are three roles we play that all come from a perspective of blame (a primary characteristic of v.c.). One of the roles is the Rescuer. World Rescuers constantly look for problems that need to be fixed – without realizing the ”problem” they create (for themselves especially) when they give so much focus to problems. (what we focus innhets bigger) We could

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