The Cost of Defense Created Resistance

We have a choice. We can either live in our defenses and there are so many forms and types of defense mechanisms… OR we can opt for peace. Recently I got the opportunity to experience being on the receiving end of a verbal wall of defenses resorted to by a friend in protective mode. Later he admitted feeling “exposed” as being “wrong” about something, which

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When we resist and “push against” the other …

“The Law of Polarity: The Law of Polarity: All things are made up of two identical, but opposite parts, or principles: the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine, etc. Everything that is created is made up of an equal and opposite set of polarities. This is how movement or progress happens.”  We resist the law of polarity/duality most through maintaining consistent attachment

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Universal Laws and The Gifts They Offer

The Universal Laws of Reality list compiled by Lynne Forrest The Law of Cause and Effect: There is no coincidence, no mistake. Everything that happens has a cause and a set of consequences – both positive and negative (something gained, something lost). The original cause is mental and it is always FOR us somehow. (Gift: release resistance The Law of Vibration: Thoughts produce an emotional

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Tips for Steadying Your Emotional Vibrational Frequency

Dear Friends and Readers, The following post is one that is part of my Weekly Message Series on Victim Consciousness that people have been signing up for and receiving for the last 10 years. It is rare that I share any of these messages outside of the Weekly Series, but this one seemed so relevant and important to our times, that I decided to make

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Coronavirus: When FEAR Rules …

“What we focus on expands…” This is a universal law that is easily observable… When we focus on the positive we experience growing positive results, and the opposite is also true:when we focus on the negative, negative results expand. We can apply this universal principle in all things, including in relation to fear, a state of being that is rampant right now in the world,

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