What We Focus On Is Reflected Back Through Immediate Life Experience …

There seems to be quite a lot of mental confusion about what comes first: seeing or believing… Most of us tend to think that there must be visible evidence of something before we can believe in it as real, or possible. However, the opposite is true. We must first believe something is possible before we can see it in concrete form. The concrete manifestation of what we expect (and believe) happens as a result of our belief in it.

In other words, we can only see what we believe; we must believe it to be ABLE to see it. We see evidence for what we believe immediately upon believing it.

Here's an example: Take the thought, “I am exhausted,” When you think that thought, how does your body feel? Doen't it weigh you down immediately with a sense of physical exhaustion? These are the feelings that go along with the thought/belief “I am exhausted.”

We say, ”but it is true! I AM exhausted!” Yes, you are exhausted in response to believing that thought  … and remember … what we focus on amplifies. So if you regularly remind yourself of how tired you are, what feelings are growing? What would happen if you were to  shift your focus from “I am exhausted” to remembering other,  less focused upon, more positive thoughts, that are nonetheless also true, such as  “I feel fulfilled,” “satiated,”or “well-stretched, and useful …?” What feelings do those thoughts arouse?

An Important question to ask yourself: “Would I rather feel better or prove how exhausted I am? What do I have to do and feel to prove the thought, ‘I am exhausted?”Notice the difference in immediate results. Our shift in tone of thought automatically and instantly shifts our emotional tone to a higher note. Reactions come from feelings. Feelings follow thoughts.

Our emotional and physical body are obedient servants to the dictates of the mind; if the mind says, “I am exhausted,” the body will feel and act the part and we will feel immediately the harvest of “tired” that feeling and reacting from that thought brings.

To feel better, (isn't that what we really want?) we practice turning our focus away from the way things are now- and focusing instead on a “lighter” subject … we want to stop feeding the negative thought, “I am exhausted.” and  go in a new vibrational direction, by moving to a lighter, less heavy thought, such as:”This deep breath I am taking allows me the perfect space to appreciate how blessed I am to be living a full and creative life … a life that unfolds before me effortlessly …  Everything I need is provided, and sometimes it comes even before I ask for it. I am well nurtured and loved… I rest in that knowing…”

Practice… practice … practice consciously directing  your thoughts … this is the key to becoming a co-creative collaborator with the Universe in designing the life of your desires.

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