Choosing My Stage Production Theme

Let's go back to the analogy of each person directing and starring in our own play …

When I understand that we are all simply performing in our own production, it removes any need to judge, interfere or rewrite the play I'm witnessing. After all, it's THEIR play … and I'm so busy with my own … that I don't have time to try to take over directing theirs! I trust that they (like me) are simply Essence playing with form life by creating a visible replica of their own beliefs for the power of witnessing and transforming themselves.

This is the purpose of producing the play in the first place … to make our own beliefs visible so we can see the impact on our lives of believing those concepts and make any changes we desire.

Knowing that mine is a drama built specifically from my innermost beliefs for my own growth lessons and challenges alleviates any impulse in me to fix, change or resist yours. I understand that you are staying true to who you envision yourself to be… and that has nothing to do with me. I am not tempted to mess with your drama… I can just let you have it … and stay focused on mine…

My play is currently based on a theme that might be summarized thusly ….

“Life flows through me from the One Universal Source and out into my life in an endless flow of abundance, joy and fun adventure! Every single person in my life is here by invitation and has something to share and teach me. I constantly learn more about me and my connection with Source through them, and especially the ones I feel any resistance towards whatsoever … because I understand that they, in particular, have come to show me the way to freedom by showing me my own face!”

I align with this artistic vision every day and return to it whenever I feel myself wandering astray – off into an old story that I no longer am interested in…

Holding this vision is something I am committed to doing… there is not room in this vision for “bad moods” and “having the right to expect my mate to tolerate them” … Why would I even want that? I want someone who will immediately mirror to me when I have lapsed into low frequency of any kind so that I can make the adjustment to a higher frequency. Not because I shouldbut because I can't wait to get back into peaceful alignment again. I am grateful when someone shows me, through their reaction, that I am out of alignment … I see this as them loving me – whether they know it or not! If I have someone who does that in less than diplomatic ways, well then I must need that too – or else why would I have it?

On the ground it might look like this…
My husband is reactive or distant … I notice it in the form of inner resistance … I hear the old story run through (“He's not treating you right .. blah blah”) and that alerts me to look within me (rather than project my old story onto him) to what story has come up in me …. I find it … meet it with a good dose of healthy doubt (Do I know that this is true?”) … give thanks to Daniel (at least internally) for giving me this opportunity to clear some more old story.

My thinking now returns to the understanding that he is acting the way he does because he believes his own story – “Oh YEAH! That would be his story – NOT mine…” I don't have to take a part in his drama … and my reaction is about me anyway … etc …

If I do decide to react … it just means that I am “choosing” to participate in the other persons drama… it's me saying, “Yes, I do want to play a part in your drama so I will react to you in a way that will allow you to validate your beliefs about me … and relationship … and life in general and in doing that I invite you to react in a way that will justify my stance about those same things!”

There's no judgment … I can learn something either way. 🙂
Blessings, Lynne

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