More on Surrendering Judgment

When we are coming from a surrendered state, we naturally look for the gifts being offered through the circumstances we experience. We look for reasons why things ARE the way they are, rather than for reasons why they should not be this way or that. We attune with gratitude to whatever is happening, because we understand that the Universe is benevolent and that enables us to trust that we are being led into and through something for our own benefit.

All unpleasantness we experience takes place in our own minds. Our judgments, irritations and expectations of how things should be is what creates our misery, not the external situation.

When we rail against what is … spend the day fuming and fussing over something that we have no control over … we are being so unkind to ourselves. Our day is ruined alright . .. but not by the situation – but by ourselves. It is our own internal ranting that ruins it for us.

There is no victim remember. Whenever I am blaming someone out there … I am sentencing myself to the prison of my own punishing thoughts. I, too, must eat the poison my mind is dishing out to others.

The resistance that comes up in our lives, in the form of resentment or demands that things be some how different, etc. are not bad or wrong. They come to show us where we are not yet free. They have come to help us shine the light of understanding on those dark unloved places within our own mind … These are that in us that is asking to be forgiven and accepted.

Or that's the way it looks to me anyway.

Blessings, Lynne

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