Silence & Surrender

In my practice yesterday I learned something about the nature of “Silence” … I realized that the words space and surrender and silence are all synonymous terms for the same thing.

Silence happens in the space created when we surrender attachment to our thoughts.

Surrender is to let go of the need to be right about what I am thinking. Surrender happens every time I relax my mental hold on some concept I've identified with. Every micrometer of let go I experience brings space with it.

Silence is not so much about being verbally quiet. Silence is the tiny space between words. It's the gap left between the “self” and any questioned belief. When we suspend belief in thoughts we think, we create holes in the ego. Space enters.

This is what it means to sit in the Silence. Moment to moment, letting go of the need to believe the thoughts that come up – this one … and that one … and the next one …. until all that's left is the rich Silence of our Essence Selves. To bring this surrender to every thought is the path to freedom.
Blessings, Lynne

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