Why Indulge in Misery?

Personally speaking, I find that my emotional state is absolutely up to me. I have yet to find a reason that I've been able to justify that warrants my indulging in low frequency energy. I'm not saying I don't engage in story … I certainly do – all the time… It's just that I don't stay there long. As a matter of fact, I often drop story within minutes (except when I don't :)). When my frequency drops, I bring the four questions in immediately. I have yet to find a more powerful tool for dropping story! Especially in combination with a body centered practice.

I can go to the mat bone-weary; physically, emotionally and mentally … and within minutes of opening and aligning, feel surges of Source Energy moving in and through the body. When I surrender the body, the stories I've gathered from my day come to mind and are[I] sluffed off[/I] as well. Clarity is restored, the body rejuvenated … love and gratitude replace the feelings of angst and judgment … all within an hour of bringing my intention into alignment and surrender. What other thing could I possibly do that would be more important? What more valuable way to “spend my time”? “I don't have time for daily practice” (I used that one for years ….) turned around becomes; “There's nothing I have more time for than daily practice…. This has become my reality.

Blessings, Lynne

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