No wonder we get weary of life ….

We often have expectations about what a “good life” is supposed to look like and then try to make it happen even as we endlessly compare our selves with those around us. Years go by while we chase after trying to shape our lives into this imaginary idea of what we're supposed to look and live like.

We tote some story around – like how others have what we don't (wealth, status or spiritual attainment) or how we have to do or be something grand before we can really feel we've “made it” – whatever it is, we see our whole lives through the lens of stories such as these which we never even question. And yet. we chastise ourselves mercilessly when our everyday lives don't match these expectations. NO WONDER we grow weary of this whole thing called life!

It's good that we should become weary of it. That weariness can serve to motivate us to closely examine our painful, life draining beliefs. It's not our life that needs to be different – it's the way we see our lives that needs to change! A perception shift is all that's necessary.

I notice that peace has increased in my life in direct proportion to my willingness to shed painfully limiting ideas about myself and the world. That is all it takes….
Blessings, Lynne

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