In the early darkness I awakened to hear these words; spoken simply, clearly…
“Certainty is your next move.”
I feel immediate relief. Gladness fills my heart and I slip back into a peaceful sleep.
Since then, I have been reflecting on the meaning of these words.

I love the sound of that word … “certainty”. To me it means no more doubting. There is security and peace inherent in the state of being certain. But certain of what? To me, these words imply a state of consciousness where there is no longer belief invested in the low frequency stories that have promoted so much inner doubt in life. It's about knowing with certainty the difference between ego generated story and reality. That sort of certainty allows me to attend only what is true … the truth found in reality. The what is and only that … nothing else attracts. All other distracting thoughts are allowed to simply pass through the mind unimpeded. Certainty is standing on a bedrock of “what is” so that no story of guilt or any form of resistance can sway me.

For years now I've been on the path of deepening a conscious surrender to what is. There has been much that has fallen away with still more to release. It is a heartening thought to consider a shift in focus from surrender to certainty in surrender. True certainty can only follow surrender. Without surrender we can experience only an ego brand of certainty – the “know it all” certitude derived from investing belief in a black and white dogma or story about the way things are supposed to be.

More tomorrow on “Finding Certainty” ….
Til then … Blessings, Lynne

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