When the Emotions Rule

It's our emotional body that dictates our future (sometimes immediately). What I believe today will shape the things I experience tomorrow.
If I believe that I I have to eek out a living doing a job I hate just to survive … I think thoughts akin to “I don't matter to anyone” and “Life is hard and unpleasant” … then this is what my tomorrow will look like.
I will create more of what proves these ideas to me.

It's up to me to consciously question these thoughts and beliefs …. We must insert a seed of doubt between ourselves and low frequency thoughts like these. When we marry these ideas we breed abundant negativity that becomes a magnet for the people and life experiences that will explicitly mirror these beliefs.
Learn to use your feelings as the way into better understanding yourself by connecting them to the thoughts and ideas behind them … As we give up using our feelings to justify knee-jerk reactions, we have less and less things happen that would call for a knee jerk response to life.
Thanks again… Blessings, Lynne

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