Certainty through Truth

I have continued to explore what this “certainty” is that was promised as my “next step” …. The words (see previous post on “Certainty) came to me during the dark hours of early morning and I have continued to meditate upon them.

I've decided that Certainty is the state that comes naturally when we are free from believing the stories we've told ourselves and believed without ever once questioning them. These beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world leave us uncertain and imprisoned behind walls of fear and misery.

The word Certainty is, perhaps, a state of grace that results from having questioned and found wanting old limited ways of seeing the world. Certainty comes from aligning instead with Universal principles that teach us that life is a marvelous and miraculous reflection of Source that is manifested through us. These principles become a daily reality and are evidenced as “certain and most true” (says the Emerald Tablet).

Certainty is the harvest of having become so entrenched in these principles of truth that we turn to them automatically rather than give even a moments credence to any thought or story that takes us away from the Source of Life and Harmony.

I rejoiced and felt exhilarated for a day or two from the idea that I am “moving into certainty”. And then the old stories that generate doubt began to surface again. I realized then, that of course, as always, I am being “moved” or evolved through a continuing process of clearing.

Sacred Certainty becomes our natural state as we make conscious and clear beliefs that generate doubt. With that end in sight, I say, let the old limiting stories surface! I am willing to see and question anything that creates in me a state of inner doubt. These old ideas about a painful world are what I no longer have faith in … My certainty increases in the belief that to release these old ideas is the route to freedom.

May yours be a path of certainty in Source…
More on certainty still to come…..

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