To Act With Certainty

Then, this morning, it occurs to me that what is being asked is to act with Certainty. I either invest belief in these spiritual principles or not. If I believe them then I will act accordingly. When doubt sets in, confidence wavers and my action reflects that self doubt.

It's as if “flotsam” from old story works it's way loose in my psyche and floats to the surface, obstructing my view of Reality. For a few minutes (or days – hopefully not weeks) I walk around with the heaviness of believing what I “see” … which, in that moment, is the darkness of unconscious lies I've bought as truth.

This is where a clearing process is so essential.

When I start accumulating heaviness, I feel it in my body … aches and pain, constriction … . More, I feel it in my mind, in my soul… There is a heavy spirit of doubt and guilt inspired by a story of not being enough. “I'm a phoney …” runs the story … but I have to listen closely or I feel it only as a pervasive angst without definition.

Ego tells me that if I act as if I know … I am faking it. Reality shows me that when I proceed as if I know, I will walk in the direction of knowing. My acting will lead me to it. I will KNOW.

Silence and listening are essential resources for clearing the “flotsam”. When I take inner space … the story becomes very visible … I am able to separate it with my breath and release it energetically to the earth. There is once again clarity of mind. The vision clears. I see Reality again instead of my old story. I am renewed in my walk of Certainty and that walk brings me even more Certitude. And so the cycle spins … . and I am rejuvenated.

Go forth in Certainty … 🙂 Lynne

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