Our Contract with Source

Secluded garden
Creative Commons License photo credit: Art By Steve Johnson

I believe that each of us is given the opportunity to create a personal relationship with Source. We do it by entering into a sort of contract with our Creator Source. We make an agreement with Source that we are willing to surrender to the emotional purge that comes from our life challenges for the purpose of spiritual refinement.

Our part is to willingly cooperate in this purification process through a practice of daily surrender to the greater will of Source. We agree to practice accepting reality and especially the things we tend to protest mightily because we have come to understand that through these very events we are being led into a closer walk with Source. Instead of acting like victims ranting against the unfairness of life, we begin to look for the lessons offered through our life challenges. We have come to see that it's through the tough times that we learn tenacity, faith, humility and about what really matters in life.

The rough places within us are made smooth through a daily connection with Source and whatever in us does not serve Source is purged from us. We agree to cooperate in this process of refinement that Source is prompting and in return Source puts us in a bubble of safety so that all the various parts of us (our “animal” instincts, thoughts and feelings) can be safely delivered to a new level of consciousness. We are carried safely through the crisis and landed, reborn in a new and better world.

To stay on top of the emotional waters that might otherwise take us under, we create an inner sanctuary to which we bring all aspects of ourselves, positive and negative, and from where we are fed and nurtured, guided through a process of refinement and transformed into a new being.

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