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When your mind's made up
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I received “strong encouragement” from a comment posted on my blog recently recommending that I deepen my studies in Alchemy. I replied and asked for study suggestions. I asked the question to my commenter, Mysterium, but also to the ethers. I've seen that when I ask a question, response comes – often immediately. (Sometimes we're too busy protesting the way it comes to get the message tho.) This time was no different. I started getting further direction right away.

I practice a way of seeing the world that looks for what the message is in the daily encounters of life and for what part of my mind is being reflected. I understand that I am being constantly mentored, prompted and guided to see my own ideas more clearly so that I can merge more completely with my Universal Supply; the Source of all life, so I trust what comes.

In this case I felt I had just been given my next set of instructions. I was told I was to deepen my study of alchemy. OK! This is exciting!

I so love this dialog I am engaged in with Source. I feel immense joy and appreciation for all the ways I am guided and loved by Universal energy. I love it that it comes in all sorts of ways even over the “ethers” of the internet.

In researching the latin phrase my visitor had written in his comment I discovered an alchemical site that immediately captured my interest. It is authored by Adam McLean and he has downloaded a virtual library of ancient alchemical writings and symbolic images right there on his site. I found that Adam offers an introductory guide to understanding alchemical text.

I love how quickly the universe responds! This is how life is when we see what comes to us as being a loving message for us. I got the message (“study deeper”) I asked for direction … and immediately received guidance about a next step.

Looks like I may be about to spend some time meditating with the alchemical ancients. Can't wait! 🙂

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