The Tonic of Self Appreciation

I dreamed last night that I was eat up with longing for validation, recognition and resentment at not getting it. I would create a piece of art – decide no one valued it and then feel ashamed for wanting their acknowledgement & so destroy it in a fit of despair and resentment.

Altho I'm not aware of what presently this dream might refer to (I'm still thinking about it) … I certainly can relate to this feeling. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I've negated or destroyed something because of a feeling that it was not appreciated and/or even worthy of appreciation – the old “cut the nose off to spite the face” syndrome.

As I awoke from this dream, I heard these words …

“Allow the sour grapes of longing and resentment to become the tonic of self forgiveness & acceptance.”

Reflecting brings the realization that it is my own validation and appreciation I seek. It is only self acceptance that will smooth the bitter waters within.

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