Revolution for Real Life

The revolution I'd like to see is one where more of us are saying yes to living the life we desire. A revolution where we refuse to believe these inner stories that inhibit our true life expression and keep us believing that having a “real life” is not possible for us.

Dare to live today the life you've been dreaming.

You are anyway, you know – whether you know it or not. Your life, right now, is the one YOU dreamed possible. We all “dream up” ( meaning create in our minds) the lives we are having … and then these lives that we've imagined up for ourselves becomes that which reflects just how many obstacles and limitations we are putting between ourselves and what's possible.

If your life is not the life you want, know that it IS the one you've decided is possible for you. It's what you've allowed (believed possible) for yourself. Your life will reflect exactly what it is that YOU believe you deserve – no more, no less, exactly that.

Examine your mind … and question any concept you find there that limits you. Expand your concept of what's possible and start your “real life” NOW. 🙂

Blessings, Lynne

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