Eyes open and mind takes over ….

Yes, I understand about those days when the stressful mind is what greets us first upon opening our eyes. This is more common than not for many ….

I see the limited mind as ever waiting for the opportunity to take us over … it does so by filling our heads with opinions and stories (such as, “I just don't want to deal with life!” :(). Such thoughts are guaranteed to create a negative internal state.

These “I don't wanna deal” moments can actually provide us with the greatest potential for awakening to sane clarity.

How so, you ask?

Because when we're feeling negative it simply means that there's a stressful story running … and how else am I going to know what the thoughts are that take me down unless they make their presence known through my feelings?

It's my negative emotional reaction that signals me that a story is up for me. And it's in that moment of being in a negative state that I have an opportunity to clear – and realign myself with that which fosters peace and acceptance instead!

This means fewer days of preferring sleep to awakening! 🙂


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