Self Acceptance

Emotional and spiritual progress is a relative thing – unique to each individual. Consciousness grows in proportion to how well we relate to ourselves. The more we accept ourselves for where we are on our journey, the faster consciousness expands.

We can measure the degree of self acceptance we have by noticing how much less we negatively judge ourselves and others. Critical judgment diminishes in relation to self acceptance. When we find ourselves thinking harsh thoughts about others (or ourselves) we know that there's something “up” in our mind that's needing forgiveness and release.

The ego likes to undermine our progress through self deprecation when we recognize something that's less-than-perfect about ourselves. Instead of celebrating consciousness, we berate ourselves instead. It's not about being perfectly conscious (that's just another competition)… or never reacting out of story. It's about being aware when we react out of unconsciousness, so that we can continue the awesome process of liberating our minds from the beliefs that have kept us limited.

Our task is to learn to move in quickly on times there is a stressful reaction in us and recognize it as the doorway to freedom that it is. Let's learn to treat ourselves with gentle kindness so this we can celebrate self revelation.

Self-revelation leads to self-realization.

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Thank you Tracy, for sharing so openly and honestly. Your realization that you are ashamed of how others may see you, is a powerful step on the road to self acceptance.

    Your disapproving friend is simply a reflection of that part of your mind that is judging you! You are right to recognize that the acceptance you need is your own.

    We cannot be anywhere on the path BUT where we are. And we cannot move on until we meet ourselves where we are with an attitude of forgiveness, acceptance and understanding.

    This does not mean we make excuses for ourselves. It means we see where we are and understand that we do what we do because we believe what we believe. So rather than judge and negate ourselves for what we do, we observe our doings, and look for what we are believing that prompts us to behave thusly.

    True intervention takes place on the belief level. By exploring our beliefs we find the freedom to respond in ways that bring us happier results.

    Blessings to you on your path to freedom.

  2. I have been trying to be more self conscious about my personal reactions to different situations and today i discovered something new about myself…I am attracted to a guy whom my friend doesn’t approve of for good and legitimate reasons.He was passing by my office and i found myself withholding the information from my friend because i felt ashamed of meeting the guy and i felt that by telling her she’d probably condemn my actions and judge me…….
    The shame part is what really got me……I am ashamed of what she’l think of me.My focus was not on my action of meeting this guy but on what my friend will think of me….I was making a decision based on my friend’s reaction towards it….
    Looking back i realize that i have focused so much in seeking approval of my actions based on how my friends perceived the situation.I have compared myself continuosly with their lives and felt short when what i had was different….the difference for me translated to inadequacy or inappropriate….and so i felt inadequate and its no wonder i continue to attract people in my life who make feel inadequate and unworthy.
    Hence my shame.I feel ashamed of my difference from the others…yet in truth i am different and what i experience is different…If i can’t accept my difference then how can i accept and embrace another……I feel that i do need to accept my reality…Accept and appreciate the person that i am,the reality that i live then i can make the changes i need to make…
    The shame for me felt like an unacceptance of who i am.It in some way explains my defensiveness and critisms towards others because the more i focus on the outside the less i look inside..It also explains my attraction to this guy because he projects my lack of self acceptance and love to myself.
    Until this experience i did not realize i was ashamed of my experiences the challanges i am facing and my life situations….Looking at it this way helps me focus on what is in need of acceptance…myself…..and this even provides a clearer explanation on why i should set boundaries on my relationships and attract the right guys in my life….It feels enlightening to understand more about ourselves….
    I feel the need to make changes in my life,my perceptions and interpretation of the situations i face….I do seek most peace of mind that comes from an understanding of self and of the world around me…and most of all an understanding of my relationship to God/reality

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