What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not some sort of a static state that we attain. It is not a place we arrive or any sort of becoming more.

Enlightenment is this moments choice to question whatever story is running as a way to suspend belief in it.

As soon as I recognize and start to question a story I become free from it. This is because to question a story means that I stand apart from it rather than “marry it ” through belief. It is not the story, but the believing it that robs me of freedom. Anytime we believe what we tell ourselves we start acting as if what we believe is true. As a result, we expect to see evidence of what we're believing and so we will see only that which proves our belief. Surrendering belief is the only detachment required for liberation. It's not what's “out there” that we must detach from … it's what we tell ourselves about what that thing means … that's what we must detach from if we are to be free.

We are either totally believing and therefore enslaved to our stories or we are making them conscious and questioning them. I choose to walk the “Road to Freedom”. In my hand I hold the key to understanding. I know that the idea of “being free” as well as that of not being free are stories that I believe -or not.

Regardless of which I believe, both are simply mental concepts that limit, each in their own way. Believing either that I am trapped and unhappy causes me to act as if this thought is true – this leads to constricted Universal Flow.

In other words, I experience some form of resistance or “low frequency” inner state that takes me out of alignment with Higher Frequency. Without a life-restricting story there is only flow; with story there is a lack thereof – that's it – pure and simple.

My emotional body reports the degree of Flow and so lets me know what frequency is being generated in this moment. Frequency is the key.

Noticing the inner frequency is the most essential ingredient in aligninment with “The Most High” and that is ultimate freedom. Am I in high frequency right now? Or low? I especially pay attention to low frequency – not to judge or label it, but because it alerts me to any low frequency story that is driving my present feeling state. It is the pointer and therefore an essential part of the liberation process.

Resistance, in any form whatsoever, is a helper and not something that needs to be resisted.
I have not yet found a low frequency story running in my mind that did not turn out to be ego-devised. By noticing when there are negative mental stories running, creating a turbulent or unhappy frequency, I am able to free myself from the underlying distorted beliefs that have lived half-concealed (shadow self) in my mind.

Resistance shows me these unconscious beliefs … I come into a healthy respect for the universal design. How awesome that internal distress becomes the way-shower! It alleviates any need to fight against resistance. As soon as there is low frequency story detected, there is the possibility of a deeper surrender through acceptance. And there is nothing like acceptance and surrender to increase frequency. Higher frequency creates allowance for the Flow that is Source Energy. Surrendering to That brings Reality which is always peace, harmony, understanding. It is Love.

Enlightenment comes and goes … when there is story, it goes…. when there is emptiness it comes…
Blessings, Lynne

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