Rescuing “Professional” Victims Makes Matters Worse!




Rescuing those who play victim as their primary mode of survival not only promotes a victim lifestyle, but may in fact be a major contributor to it.

I am NOT saying we should not help others.
However, to truly help someone there must be reciprocity.
Humans need to feel useful and capable in order to
develop the self-esteem needed to do well in life.

“Professional” victims see themselves as unable. They have lost their sense of being useful, capable human beings, and come to believe in their own pitiful state instead. Professional victims rouse pity in others in exchange for getting their survival needs met. Refuse to pity those who clearly seek it from you. Offer them a greater gift – that of modeling a grateful heart. Help those who focus on scarcity and need to spot their treasures and small bounties instead. For in truth, gratitude for what we DO have is the best way to receive Life's blessings.

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