Alignment, Surrender, and Grace; The Three Sisters of The Divine Feminine

Couple Holding Hands at Sunrise Every morning now, since December 16, 2006, I've been meeting and “dancing” with my Inner Beloved.  Eight years of committed loyalty to my One True Love – but who's counting? 😉

 I go to my mat in the early morning hours, arising often while it is still dark. In winter, I stumble in to my “inner sanctuary” (a room set aside) finding it warm already, and replete with candles, music,  and inspirational words  ready to be savored … In warmer months, our pond Stage beckons … Out the door, it's just a short walk through the morning dew to the safe-haven offered there. A work of art on the ground, the water stage was conceived and visualized by my son, Andrew, and Daniel, and built by our boys and Daniel on our small spring-fed pond. It has become an instrumental part of the magic of our home.

 Mornings alone with Source are my lesson time – I sit at the feet of the Master, and absorb what I can of the immensity poured into me during those moments of communion. The more I focus on hearing, the more vivid are the downloads given. So many realizations, wisdoms uncovered, occur during these moments, I wonder that I was ever resistant to these intimate encounters – why would anyone resist such re-union?

I've learned so much about the physical body, for instance, and how right physical alignment  facilitates emotional and mental alignment, and ultimately alignment with Source. Experimenting with that cognition in my personal practice has cultivated a palpable relationship between my Self and the Field of Living Energy that, I have come to see, every living creature “swims in,” and is supported by … I say, “swims in” because, we humans, much like a fish swimming in water, draw our life support directly from the medium in which we exist. Surrounded by a Universal Life Source or Energy that wraps around us like breath,  closer to us than our own skin … we are nurtured, and fed constantly.

Sometimes the downloads I receive during my private times with Source are mental images that, in transcribing, might take pages of explanation, but was dropped in an instant of understanding. Sometimes I see with sudden clarity a situation that was challenging or difficult to resolve, and new direction is possible. Radical concepts, at least to me, and new ways of seeing the world drop in as if I'd known them all along – and my own awareness increases (minus the need to browbeat myself for it) of how easily I fall under the spell of the victim ego, hypnotized by a victim mind into seeing a painful world that has nothing to do with Reality AT ALL!

I think this is what it is to “awaken,” for indeed it is like opening one's eyes after a long sleep, or a deep trance, and being met with the sight of a bright and radiant new world. And here's the thing …  it's already here. It's not some place one must buy a ticket to go to … it's an inner place that has been here all along – visible only to those with the eyes to see. Such eyes have been granted me.

As I continue this process, not for the exercise it provides, nor any sense of “holiness” it might give, not for my health, (although it offers benefits in all of these areas), but purely for the connection and the opportunity to dialog with the Master, at whose feet I sit. This Living Intelligence responds when I ask, inhabits me when I permit, and heals absolutely when I believe. And in letting the Creator Flow have its Way with me, I have become a new being.

Physically,  for instance, my body has changed – not only in form, and shape – but I notice enhanced receptivity, flexibility, abilities, and a quick response that surprises even me, at times – in addition I notice an increase in intuition and sensitivity to energies around me. It's as if through these intimate moments with Source I have become a partner with the Universe in a dance, and I get to experience the wonderful places being in such company creates. Source leads the dance, and I merely follow that Lead, surrendering more and more deeply to the Guiding Hand, attentive and sensitive to even the lightest of nudges that is ever gently, directing me towards the next aligned step.

If you are seriously interested in taking a next step – come join me for a workshop here in Monteagle, Tennessee, steeped in the Living Reality of the Guiding Principles, you will be given the unique opportunity to experience the guiding principles in application as you surrender to a process designed to aid your own natural Awakening.

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