What Does Being Fair Mean?

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How many times have you seen or heard a child complain, “it's not fair!” to his parents, in an effort to get something they want … and then watched the parents fall for it? How many times have you complained to yourself about how unfairly you've been treated? Have you ever found yourself silently measuring how much or how little you're getting as compared to others? It has to be FAIR! This “fairness” mentality is rampant among us humans …

but is there really such a thing as fair?

I've pretty well decided that what we call fairness is a made up concept with no basis in nature.

Think about it … when was the last time you saw something in nature operate out of a sense of fairness? How fair is it, for instance, for the mama bird to push her fledgling out of the nest? Or for the stallion to trample one of his mare's newborn foals? And yet these are the things we witness every day in nature.

Nature follows another doctrine … one based on the way things are – based on Reality.

Don't get me wrong … I understand that as humans we are geared to think at a more evolved level …. and I deeply believe in kindness and compassion as a guiding approach to life.

I also happen to think that there are times when the kindest, most loving thing that we can do for someone is to let them fall – allow them the right to experience the consequences of their choices – What better way to learn than through the failures and successes of our own efforts?

I know this is not a popular idea these days … Nonetheless I've often found that, in my life, it has often taken cold, hard ground to bring me back into alignment with what's real. I'm grateful for the times reality, rather than fairness ruled … for these have been some of my greatest learning moments.

Blessings, Lynne

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