Self Blame leads to Judgment of Others ……..

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by FatBusinessman

Negative judgment of others acts like a finger pointing, it reflects back to us our own internalized guilt. Blame of self is behind all externally focused negative judgment.

For instance, when I find fault in you … I am really seeing something about myself that I have not accepted. Instead of owning it, I deny it and look for a way to blame you for it.

When we judge ourselves we feel bad … usually the bad feeling we feel is guilt. For instance, we decide that we're not good enough or that we've failed somehow. We suffer remorse and guilt as a result.

To feel better, we cast this blame of self out onto others. This is called projection. Now we see the other as wrong.

They become the guilty one. We are spared – or so we think.

The truth is however, that mental/emotional freedom will continue to elude us until we have found & forgiven that which we have judged within ourselves.

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