What we see is what we believe ….

The Universe is always mirroring to us our current beliefs …

For instance, if I think I don't have enough time, then – of course, I will end up getting stuck in traffic or being caught at every red light or waiting in endless lines, (etc.) thus validating what it is I believe.

This applies regardless of what our beliefs are. Our current situation is the fleshed out version of what we believe.

This is how the Universe makes our beliefs visible – for our viewing pleasure – for heightened awareness ….

Our beliefs become that which we encounter in three dimensional form. This is the Universe working with us to increase our consciousness. It is simply the way of it.

Understanding this concept gives new meaning to the biblical verse, “The word becomes flesh ….”

Blessed are those who understand the Way of it, for they shall know peace.

May you be so blessed.

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