Attention is an Energetic Fertilizer …

There is a Guiding Principle that says that what we pay attention to expands. Our attention acts as a sort of “mental fertilizer” by “feeding” whatever it is we pay attention to; it therefore must increase. This is true whether we are giving it negative attention or positive; both forms of attention prompt increase.

Berating or criticizing someone for a bad habit, for instance, fixates the attention on it in a way that actually feeds and fuels it, no less than does  a more favorable behavior serves to empower and encourage more of that. Both “feed” that upon which the attention is focused.

Understanding this simple principle helps us to learn to pay attention to the things we want to see increase, and to withdraw our attention from (even ignore) the things we want to see decrease.

It reminds us to stop spending our time and energy whining about how little we have or about how unappreciated or unloved we feel because that simply brings more of that. We learn instead to focus on what IS working in our life and to practice gratitude for what we like in any given moment for then we will feed and attract more of THAT.

Attention is like the feminine counterpart to the more masculine act of Intention. Focusing our Will is a purposeful targeting of what we want,  on what we desire and then we nurture that Intention with the more feminine act of paying (cultivating) attention to it. As a result we consciously nurture that upon which we have set our Intention and it grows and multiplies.

This is the secret to manifesting more of the “good stuff” in life.
Blessings, Lynne

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