Neuroscience Verifies The Reality Formula™ …

9252683_s My life work has been to seek ways to liberate the mind and body from victim consciousness. I turned to my childhood study of ancient writings and books about ancient doctrines and noticed a common thread ran throughout these doctrines, whether they be philosophy, theology – with the Bible being the chief authority – and even in the beliefs of indigenous cultures, native american, or the Tao, or Hindu … in all of these run a theme, said in a multitude of ways, that teaches the same ancient principles of life. I use ten of these principles as a foundation for my work. They are the way out of victim consciousness. I present them as 10 laws or Guiding Principles Of Reality™. When we know these principles and integrate them into the way we respond to life, we build new mental pathways to Reality and peace.  My driving question has been how to build those pathways effectively and quickly?” I've learned a lot.

Recently my search for more efficient tools brought me into the realm of neuroscience, where I not only found the evidence for the ancient principles I mention herein, but the explanation, in scientific terms, of exactly how the mind works physiologically! Why should it surprise me that neuroscience would show me how the 10 principles operate in the brain? OF COURSE, it was gonna happen sooner or later – but to be here on planet Earth during this exciting time of learning, not only about HOW to literally change our minds, but to be able to choose consciously what it is we want to base our new neural pathway upon. How wonderful to purposely habituate ourselves to see and respond to the world from a baseline of guiding principles of Reality. the best way to achieve the best results. Building a new neural pathway means to consciously ingrain a way of seeing life that creates in us an ‘attitude' of thanksgiving. a mental program that becomes our default mental state when practiced. We are learning how to build a new evolving consciousness within our own minds.

I was motivated – inspired to cultivate more techniques for wiring the guiding principles of Reality into our brains so that they become our “go-to” mental attitude whenever we encounter life challenges. Rather than resort to old defensive posturing, and ways of protecting ourselves by striking out, we can build a mental pathway that sees a world where someone else's misery is not personal – where we know we have a choice about what we think and believe and we consciously choose to see our situations through the eyes of a loving Reality.

Neuroscience presented me with concise, scientific understanding that triggered in me the outline of a step by step process for building healthier, peace-centered neural pathways. Last year a friend asked me to join his team to help them make transformational material, such as my own Reality Formula™,  available to the world through the latest in technology concepts based on neuroscience. I said Yes, and have not looked back.  Through my friend's guidance, we have put together a step by step process in the form of an interactive program to be used on your iphone or android to help you build new neural pathways for peace.

The Reality Formula on NeuroCue IS NOW AVAILABLE for downloading! http://mbsy.co/bMQ6s

(I'm excited! I know you will be, if you aren't already, excited too! ;))

Thank you for your love. I feel your support and value it more than you can possibly know.

Blessings, Lynne



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