Are You In Alignment with Reality?

~ oneness meditation ~
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We know we are living in alignment with Reality and Source when …

1. We want what we have rather than running after what we don't have. We understand that our life is the way it is to show us the path home to Self and Source.

2. We enjoy what we are doing right now, rather than hurrying through it so we can get to some other, more important thing.

3. We see our day as one consecutive teaching moment after another, all of it happening to show us the way to greater self acceptance and ultimate surrender to the Will of Source.

4. We see our encounters with others as opportunities to grow and learn, rather than as problems or obligations to be dealt with or endured.

5. We move with intention. All parts of our life, no matter how seemingly unimportant, are relevant and deserve our attention. There is a natural rhythm and flow that bespeaks of being in harmony with life.

6. We maintain a relaxed attitude towards change and little irregularities in life. We are not surprised when we find ourselves heading in a different direction than we thought we were going. There's an easy surrender to life as it presents itself in the moment.

7. Our heart desires are in alignment with the Greater Good and unfold naturally in our lives. We expect everyday miracles and don't need things to be any way other than the way they are.

8. We are good stewards of what we are responsible for. We see ourselves as being in relationship with our environment and so we appropriately care for our possessions. As a result, they serve us well and then we pass them on, with detachment, when they no longer serve us.

9. We see others as being mirrors, reflecting to us our own state of consciousness. We look within for that part of us that is being reflected to us, and we practice accepting what we find, rather than judging it.

10. We are not interested in trying to impress, change, control or maneuver others, leaving us free to be at ease with ourselves and them.

11. We focus on gratitude for what the moment offers. We hold steady rather than riding an emotional roller-coaster. We are positive, upbeat and solid in our support of ourselves and those around us.

12. We communicate clearly and effectively without hidden agendas and without the need to compete or defeat those we collaborate with

13. We notice when negative thoughts interfere with our peace of mind and intervene on those thoughts towards restoring our inner balance and peace.

14. We see the circumstances of our lives as being purposeful. We don't whine, complain or blame when we meet life challenges. Instead we adjust our thinking to look for the inherent benefits in any and all situations and quickly move to apply the lessons we learn from our life challenges.

15. We spend time alone every day deepening our conscious relationship with Source, becoming increasingly Source-reliant, rather than self-reliant.

16. We are less critical and more tolerant and appreciative of the way people are. We drop our “shoulds” and “shouldn'ts” about people and replace them with a gentle and supportive curiosity about where they are. As a result we get along better with people everywhere.

17. We are no longer driven by outside agendas and performance anxiety around not “getting it done,” on time, or not getting it “exactly right.” We have released the impossible demand to succeed or be important. We are at ease and laugh often.

18. When we get upset, we automatically look to our own thoughts as being the cause, rather than blame something/someone outside us as the reason we are upset.

These are some of the characteristics of a life lived in harmony with the way things are, of a life aligned with Source.

Blessings, Lynne

5 Responses

  1. I couldn’t dream of a nightmare worse than life. How anyone lives on this planet is beyond me. The fact that I’m still here is truly amazing, and weird. I’ve listened to all the advice, have done decades of internal/external work, and have come to realize that the reason for so much suffering on this planet is the politics of Leftism or Statism i.e. we are living in a virtual prison filled with willing participants who swear that we are free and who use Altruism (self-sacrifice) as their weapon of justification..the state promotes this for control and the Collectivists garner unearned power from the deception and chaos i.e. Mob Rule.

    If you step outside of this prison you will be viciously attacked by all those who profess to be free, but are actually slaves.

    I know source exists because I’ve experienced the direct contact on a daily basis — and it is the best thing one could ever imagine — but the system we are living in is not sustainable becuase it is out of alignment with Objective Reality and the Source or God.

    in addition, the hatred and envy by other people is crushing. People are bastards, they want a cheap way to empowerment even if it means killing you; in flesh or in spirit.


  2. I so understand, Tracy how difficult it is at times to find the message being reflected to us through what appears to be hurtful things that others say or do! Often when others are acting in painfully reactive ways towards us, what is being reflected to us is what we look like when we are thinking similar painful thoughts as they are verbalizing towards ourselves! Often others maltreatment of us is simply a mirroring of the way we maltreat ourselves.
    As we come into a more loving acceptance of ourselves, we find ourselves less reactive to the way others react towards us. There is less desire to resort to the Victim ego’s need for hurt and blame simply because having such painful emotion feels like such an unkind way to treat ourselves!
    Keep on accepting reality as being the wayshower it is to bring you into deeper peace and harmony within.

  3. I must admit that sometimes i look at reality and i realy question and wonder how i could have thought the realities presenting themselves.Especially when i feel wronged my mind goes instantly to wanting to justify my victimized state and i want to tell someone how wronged and bad i feel and how its someone else’s fault…
    Its interesting to see how this has formed as a routine reaction and changing it feels like a contradiction.It is true that it feels easier to victimize myself and blame others for how i am feeling.
    Taking responsibility for how i feel and accepting reality as it is puts me in a whole different plane.

  4. Oh Rahul, Of course, I welcome your comments and feedback! Always. You are so right to follow your intuitions and ask such questions. Thank YOU!

    The spiritual principle that may help bring clarity to the point I struggle to make here is this one: What we see in the world is a reflection of our own and the collective mind. Another way of saying, Whatever we see happening is happening to show us our own mind, as an individual and as a part of collective humanity.

    According to spiritual principles, Earth reality was designed the way it is – it was set up to reflect every belief that has ever been thought – including thoughts of rape, pillage, war, peace, love, harmony. Earth is where we come to flesh out these beliefs/thoughts – to manifest them in concrete form.

    When we look out and see a war torn world, we can know one thing – we are seeing an accurate picture of the internal state of the collective mind!

    This is why what happens can only be perfect – Reality is the way it is for the purpose of showing us the condition of our own thoughts.

    The external world can only REFLECT – it cannot produce – the mind produces. We visualize it first and then the world reflects what we’ve built in our mind. This is the understanding behind manifestation.

    I don’t expect you to take my word for such a notion – I ask only that you take the concept and begin to observe reality through it – find out for yourself whether or not it is true.

    Me, I have established it firmly. I know it to be true.

    When we understand this principle we spend less time resisting the way things are “out there” and more time looking for what is being reflected to us through these external happenings.

    What we resist in the world is especially worthwhile for us to notice because we only resist the things that are somehow relevant to us. Our resistance to what is happening in our lives will inevitably be something we are denying about ourselves; these things reflect the way we treat ourselves and others. In other words, the things we hate are the very things that we have judged and not forgiven in ourselves.

    This is why I say that I don’t need things to be any way other than the way they are. I understand that they are the way they are FOR us. They mirror to me what I am resisting in my own mind that is asking to be reconciled.

    I often tell my clients: “You want to stop war? Start with silencing the war in your own mind!”

    I expect miracles because I have come to realize that we are in a constant ongoing dialog with a Living Intelligence. The miracles I speak of are those small “unexplainable” synchronicities that happen every day, that we see often when we are aware of that ongoing conversation.

    I hope this communicates my thoughts more clearly.
    Blessings, Lynne

  5. Dear Lynne

    “7. Our heart desires are in alignment with the Greater Good and unfold naturally in our lives. We expect everyday miracles and don’t need things to be any way other than the way they are.”

    I simply do not understand this concept of “greater good”. For instance, Bush bombed so many countries for the greater good. Bill Clinton kept lying about Monica for the greater good. Rich build roads by running over the houses of poor for the greater good of development.

    Setting political examples aside, how are we, as individuals, equipped with deciding what is to be considered as greater good? We never know the full story/ able to see the full picture.
    You must have heard the story of the kid who burst open the egg-shell of a struggling about-to-come-into-the-world-bird for the greater good of helping the bird to come out; thereby taking the struggle element away and making the bird’s wings weak, unable to sustain a flight.

    “We expect everyday miracles and don’t need things to be any way other than the way they are.” – This appears to me as a self contradictory statement. Expecting everyday miracles means living in “could be world” and not “what is world”… The word “expecting” changes everything.

    I think in this point, not post, you slipped. Apologies for being so blunt. Please do pardon my immaturity. I am just following my intuition to not sit silent and convey my thoughts to you.
    I have cherished many of your posts, including this one. Please do feel free to not approve this comment during moderation. This comment is more or less a convenient form of a private e-mail.

    With lots of love

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