Comparing Ourselves to Others or Living in Source?

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Often we may feel compelled to compare ourselves to others to determine our progress in life. However, this is defeatist, because it is not how we are doing in relation to others that essentially matters. Such comparisons really tell us nothing – they cannot provide us with a realistic measure of where we are on the journey of life at all. Comparing ourselves to others only creates inner and outer disharmony.

The more important measure is to notice where we are in relation to Source. That is the only comparison worth making.

Are we living out the spiritual principles in all of our affairs? Are we following the instructions of Source? Are we doing what Source nudges us to do, no matter how inconsistent that may look to others?

The answers to questions such as these tell the true measure of our progress. If we are living the spiritual truths and doing the Will of Source then we are progressing on our spiritual path regardless of how we may appear in comparison to others.

When we are rightly related to Source, we attain the highest spiritual pinnacle possible where we are not seen by others at all! All that is noticed is that the power of Source comes through us all the time. We are so immersed in, so absorbed by the Universal Light there is no “self” to compare to others. There is only Source; no little “me” is left We realize nothing else matters.

When we follow the directions of Source totally, we lose interest in how others see us. We lose our visibility altogether. We have become so identified with Source that it is all that is seen when someone looks in our direction. There is no self-consciousness about who we are or what we do. We simply serve Source to our fullest and we reap the joy, the peace, the bounty that comes as a natural result.

Such thoughts and words as these are scary to our Victim-ego who thinks it must stand out as separate from others to count. The reality of it, however, is that to lose ourselves to Source is the greatest relief and the most carefree of happenings. It is the real meaning of freedom.

May you find it so.

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    There are universal guiding principles that prompt us and provide a framework for us to follow. These are spiritual principles that we tap into as we deepen our relationship with Source. I recommend reading books such as The Kybalion or any of Emmet Fox’s material, like “Sermon on the Mount,” etc. See my Recommended Reading (click on tab at top of page) for these and other books I have found beneficial towards cultivating a deeper understanding.
    Blessings to you on your path to freedom and peace!

  2. I personally have had to change from not looking at others as guide marks to where i want to be and instead focusing solely on my own path.I feel that society promotes a sort of uniformity in which it expects others to follow and my point of confusion started when my own life didn’t match up other’s around me and i wanted to know why…It felt safer to be like everyone else.I thought that by being like everyone else meant i was in the right path because if i was conforming then was normal.
    Now i am creating my own path,and learning to listen to an inner guidance i didn’t know existed.It feels new and different though i am much happier than i’ve ever been and i feel less competitive and more grounded.
    What feels confusing is that,i am accustomed to following some set guidelines or rules and life in the past was based on judgement and directions but following my own guidance is different and sometimes i find myself looking for guidelines or rules…a set and cut out path to follow.I feel like i am still looking for comparison to see how i am doing.i guess i am still comparing in some ways.

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