True Support Empowers ….

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by chinarut

True support empowers others. We can only offer authentic caring for others from an internal place of fullness. When we take full responsibility for our own health & happiness – then we can become a true source of comfort and guidance for others.

When we are fulfilled, we have something real to give ….

When we are unfulfilled … there is only emptiness to draw from. Such giving is merely an empty gesture designed to disguise our need to be filled.

When we reach out to others from a state of fullness, we are spontaneous and unpretentious with our support. We give because we are happy and full and want to share that fullness with them.

We love seeing others feeling truly good about themselves so we are careful not to give in a way that undermines or disempowers them.

When they succeed we applaud, whether we get credit for their success or not …. As a matter of fact, the best support is that which leaves the other feeling a sense of accomplishment rather than gratitude or indebtedness to you.

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