We Teach Others About How To Treat Us….

Did you know that you are the one who shows others how you expect to be treated? It's true. They learn from our own example about how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves.

For instance, if I seldom take time for myself or am neglectful of my own care … then that's what
i am modeling about the treatment I expect from others. Why should it surprise me then when loved ones forget my birthday or take me for granted? They're simply cueing off of me! i am too bus to remember me and so they are too.

Too often, we wait to be taken care of … thinking thoughts like, “it's selfish for me to think about my own needs”. But Reality is that if we don't take care of ourselves, it is highly improbable that anyone else will feel prompted to do that either.

Being self centered is not a bad thing… . It is necessary to become centered in self if we are to thrive in a world where we get only what we've decided to allow ourselves to have.

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