The Right to Feel Bad …

There is a question asked fairly often that reflects a commonly shared experience in relationship – that being the whole dynamic around what we expect our loved ones to tolerate and do for us when we are feeling down ….
Perhaps it's a question we all must ask at some point … it is:

“Do we not all have times in our day when we are down?”

“Shouldn't our mate listen and support us in these times?”
Or even …
“Isn't there times when we get to be down?”

When we listen closely here, we can detect the part of us that really believes that feeling bad is not only inevitable but a right we have! There's a part of us that actually looks for justification for the right to feel bad!?

This is ego.

Ego says, “I have a right to be down … after all, I've had a hard day and things haven't gone my way … and … “If you love me then you will come feel bad with me or at least, commiserate or try to make me feel better! 🙁 And if you don't try to lift my spirits, then it means you don't really love me ….”

My realization is this …
I am only required to feel bad when I believe that feeling bad is inevitable – it is up to me. Always … every time ….
My beliefs make the choice for me. When I believe I must roller coaster through life, I will. It's inevitable.

To be continued …. 🙂
Blessings, Lynne

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