Bailing Others Out Backfires Every Time

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Rather than being a solution, “sharing the wealth with less fortunates”, I fear, can become a thinly guised rescue maneuver, doomed to end up producing even more unfortunates” in need of being care taken.

When done on a national level, big government takes the role of the controlling parent who dictates what's best for its sons and daughters under the guise of helping. In actuality, free handouts end up reinforcing a victim status that promotes more dependency and less autonomy.

Why is it that we seldom, if ever, hear about how the dynamics that work in recovery -transformational processes that turn abusive, addictive families into self responsible and functional families – can be applied to the national situation? Why is that we don't hear our politicians talk about applying these empowering strategies to our national & international family politic? Could it be there's a hidden motivation for politicians to promote dependency?

Doing for others, whether it's on the level of family or nationally, reinforces an attitude that makes it very difficult for recipients to escape poverty and victim-hood. The rewards are too great for staying on the dole – too many free benefits to risk losing by becoming self reliant. This allows the rescuer politicians to stay in power – seen as saviors.

However the loss to those being “helped” is staggering. Repercussions include loss of self-respect, an overwhelming sense of worthlessness and a profound belief that they have nothing to offer. They lose ambition and motivation for self betterment.

As I said before … I'm not saying we shouldn't reach out to others or offer support … I am simply clarifying what does and what does not constitute support – and doing FOR them does NOT work. What does work is to find ways to empower & inspire others to do FOR themselves. We Must Empower Each Other
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