Time Stands Still, Forms Shift & Change

At midnight
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A quantum physics sort of musing on time:

We've all heard that time is an illusion, but grasping this concept has been difficult for me. As I was waking up this morning the explanation was available and clear in my mind. It goes like this: all matter is made up of moving atoms of energy. Everything vibrates and is in motion. Every form changes. As it vibrates it evolves into full expression and eventually dissolves. In other words, forms come and go.

All this changing form happens within the steady, ever present and eternal field of Now. It's not time that moves, it's the forms within time that are ever changing. The Now is always present – there is no such thing as the past; there is no future time … only forms that rise and fall like a flower that evolves from bud to bloom and then shrivels and falls away, thus giving the illusion of time passing.

This understanding of time standing still while forms rise and fall might explain how it is that some people know things from the past and future. Perhaps as forms evolve and dissolve the etheric imprint of those forms are absorbed and held within the fabric of NOW where they can be picked up and “read” by those who, perhaps unwittingly, are able to merge their consciousness with this present moment. Perhaps it is even possible for those who want to tap into the all-knowing NOW to do so through a practice of conscious merger with it. What a wonderful thought! Think about the treasure-house of wisdom this idea implies – the knowledge and resources available here and now, never to be lost!

Such pondering about the possibility that this present moment may indeed contain within it the complete memory and essence of every single thing, past & future, brings to mind a quote I memorized and often recite from B.O.T.A.‘s “Pattern on the Trestleboard” (the quote is attibuted to the sephirot “Kether” on the Tree of Life): “All the power that ever was or will be is here now.” And there's another quote that comes to mind as well, this one attributed to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: “All knowledge is structured in consciousness.” (meaning, we already know, it's just a matter of bringing what we know to conciousness.)

I hope you will forgive my little foray into areas I know little about – as I said, just a musing… 🙂

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. This reminds me of the gestalt understanding of experience, that in everything we do there is figure (foreground) and ground (background). That every experience in the now arises from a place of inattention (ground) to attention(figure) to action to full contact with that experience, to acceptance, withdrawal and completion, then back to inattention until the next experience arises and so we go through the same process again. All of this is experienced in the NOW. It is only the incomplete form or Gestalt that is never finished that calls for completion in our lives. Every avoidance of experience or stuck-ness calls for the completion of the whole form, so in this way our past remains with us until we can finally finish the form for itself, in the now.

  2. Time, as you approach the speed of light, slows in our reference. Otherwise, at the speed of light, time is eternal in our time reference.

    This reinforces my faith. Those that deny the possibility of Heaven, will use the absence of any data to reaffirm this belief. I feel it’s not that it can’t be tested. When we pass, our soul is energy, which exists in a time reference that is different than our own. We would have to test forever to find the moments that exist for an instant in heaven. This is beyond us, and probably will be forever….in our time frame.

  3. Yes, Joi – it is an awesome notion to think we might all have the ability to “read” past/future in the present moment.

    When I was studying with Peruvian anthropologist, Juan Nunez del Prado, he taught us a method for doing something similar that he learned from the Qero’s Indians. He taught us how to use our intention to tap into the lineage of a great teacher (deceased or still living) and draw from their knowledge base. I’ve tried it on occasion with amazing results.

    The mind has access to the universal storehouse of unlimited wisdom – our task is in learning how to access it.
    Blessings, Lynne

  4. As you may or may not know, I have always had a serious love for science fiction. Once I watched a TV program where the antagonists were a group of evolved characters who acted as one but each individual in the group had varying different personalities. What caught my attention in the storyline was that the group had no concept of time passing. The protaganists spent the entire story trying to explain the past and the future in various ways. Without things in our environment, like your mentioned flower budding, blossoming and then dying, there was no reference point to past or future for the group, just the NOW. I loved your ‘musings’ on this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of us had this untapped ability to meditate in the NOW and be readers of the past and the future? I’m look forward to meditating on your ‘musings’…HUGS Lynne!

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