How do we defend ourselves when we think our very survival is on the line?

Fear sets us up for that which we fear. This is Universal Law. How do we move past fear when what we see is a dangerous world full of those who want to destroy us?

We must be willing to deal with the war we are fighting in our own inner world before we will see a different external world. I know this may sound absurd when we are convinced that we will not survive if we don't strike back NOW. But the Truth is that it's the “strike back” that starts the very war we are trying to prevent.

Here's a suggestion: (only if you want to move towards the Inner peace that makes outer peace possible) get a pen & pad and write down your thoughts from this question: “When I think that my very survival is in danger right now, how do I feel? How do I react when I think and feel it? Do I know absolutely that my survival is being threatened?”

And then write all the scary thoughts that come rushing through the mind – pour it out on paper. Take the story apart and question it using Byron Katie's “Four Questions and The Turnarounds” (www.thework.com)

Fear-filled and angry reacting in the world before we clear our own inner battle only creates more external opposition, because the world is a mirror of our own internal belief system. What we see out there in the world is co-created by a fear-based collective mind. It is a war that must be internally dealt with if there is to be outer world peace. Thus say the ancient Universal Principles.

We, humans are warriors of consciousness, the most courageous kind; we stand up to the hardest battles imaginable – those in our own minds between Reality and the victim ego who believes its own fearful story about the world. The victim ego wants to hold us prisoner to our own painfully scary beliefs – which because we believe them, we feel and act them into being “real.”

We must first change our own mind before the world will change- because otherwise we manifest the world we now see.

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