Leaving Chattanooga, The Reality Formula™ Goes Further South …

Wow! 2016 has been a powerful year, hasn’t it? Extremes have prevailed! Terrible things have happened in our community in the last year – tragedy seems to have become a frequent visitor in our world. Just last week, a police officer was needlessly shot in Chattanooga. In addition, we went through the worst drought since 1904, culminating in forest fires that burned thousands of acres, not to mention the devastating fire in Gatlinburg which took lives of animals and humans.

In our community we have gone from feeling an almost smug sense of security  to being on constant alert; it seems to be increasingly difficult to trust that our children are safe, even on the school bus, as attested by the horrific bus accident that took the lives of six precious students on their way home from Woodmore Elementary School.

We are discovering that we are not immune to the turmoil and chaos in the world. Uncertainty, and the inability to control outcomes has never seemed more apparent. We are being asked to exist in a Reality that, at times, seems difficult, even impossible, to accept.

In times like these, we have only one place to turn for inner peace. We can no longer fall for the illusion that we are going to be able to tuck ourselves into a safe cocoon and sit out the storm. No, the storm appears to have moved just outside our door. It is far-reaching and life-shaking. Death is a possibility for any of us at any moment. This has always been true, of course, but most of us have been able to buffer ourselves from having to face that possibility. No longer.

The one place we can turn for consolation and peace is to our Universal Creator Source, and to the Universal Law upon which this world operates. Belief in a Higher Power that protects, governs, and guides us is the only chance we have of transcending this time of woe.

For me, my daily practice has never been more important than now. Every morning, I strive to realign my thinking with the Guiding Principles of Reality©. To develop a practice is to place our fears and doubts into Bigger Hands than ours, and is especially imperative in a world gone mad with the insanity of believing our own personal lies about ourselves, others, and life.

It’s only through my daily practice that I am able to recognize and open to the abundance that is the other extreme of all the aforementioned darkness. Turning our focus from the awful to gratitude instead is the practice we must all strengthen, if we are to find peace in the midst of so much chaos. And truly, there IS so much for which to be grateful. The practice is to build the habit of looking up, even in times when we are most down.

My daily practice is where I look up during my difficult times, and doing so has greatly matured my understanding of life. The fear and sadness of life has forced me to rely even more on  Source and Universal Guidance to light my way. As my trust in Source grows, I become even more willing to hear and do what the Inner Voice says. I continue to be amazed, and deeply, beyond my ability to express, blown away by the precision by which the details of even my smallest daily matters are handled when I am looking up – sometimes it appears as though the way was prepared months, even years, before my moment of need, as if it were arranged and waiting for the very moment it was to be made useful. Isn't that amazing?!

I am leading up to sharing with you something that is a recent example of inner instruction given, which, in truth, is the motivating force behind my letter to you!  And it has to do with the direction I'm to take my work.

Here's the story:

During my visit over the Thanksgiving holidays with my son, Andrew Guilfoil, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was doing my usual morning practice, It was on my last day there, before returning home, that I heard the Inner Voice and saw the accompanying visual in my mind. It was a visual that left no question in my mind as to what my next steps were to be.

I saw a window in my mind, through which my work setting in Chattanooga  was transported to Saint Petersburg, Florida. I saw my son and I working together. Interesting since he was in that moment planning the grand opening of his new dance studio, L’Academie of Dance.

An aside: Andrew is a classically trained Ballet Master with his own teaching protocol. He and I have been blending our strengths and co-facilitating workshops together for twenty-five years. We have slowly evolved a body of work around how the physical body takes on victim consciousness, actually “wearing” the roles of victim, thus transmitting the emotional frequency that matches our own victim beliefs.

We have often dreamed of a time when we might have the chance to explore movement and the Reality Formula™ in deeper depth. Taking the Guiding Principles™ into movement and then translating the results into a language that can be demonstrated and taught to dancers and kinesthetic attuned others is something Andrew and I get excited about! How exciting to think that my move there might put us in physical proximity with one another so we can realize that dream.

Ballet has been a world, like most of our society, that believes strongly in the notion that we must “bully others into excellence!” (No wonder we have such issues with kids that bully – it's all they have ever seen! ) From the knowledge of how the mind works that the Reality Formula™ provides we have developed what we call The Reality Formula For Kids™ (RFFK); it is our answer to the “unhappy kid syndrome” that appears to be so rampant in our world today! The RFFK demonstrates how to literally love kids into wanting to excel – not by cushioning them from life or by giving in to them, but by showing them the peace and freedom that comes from learning how to take responsibility for themselves and to be self-accountable. And it works! We’ve proven it with hundreds of kids.

… returning now to the moment of inspiration:

I realized I was feeling strongly inspired to give up my office in Chattanooga and move, at least temporarily, to St. Petersburg. It felt absolutely right and only grew in rightness as I watched the visual unfurl in my mind. But, nonetheless, to protect myself from being totally led astray by the ego's demands, I asked Source for clarity and guidance. I asked that if I was experiencing true inner guidance that it be reinforced and made evident to me by being effortlessly executed., “And if not, I prayed, “let resistance be the order of the day. May it be only Your Will that prompts.”

And so it has, so far, been effortless. And I have suffered minimal doubt. Within three hours of receiving my moving orders that same morning, I had been led to the right person who took me to the right property with an agreeable lease which I signed for a place where I can live and work while I’m there. EASY!

I herein announce, with both excitement and some sadness in leaving the city I've called home since 1980, that: As of February 1st, 2017, I will be commuting back and forth from Monteagle and St Petersburg, Florida.

Even though I will be in Chattanooga much less often now, I will NOT be out of your reach! I Will be available to you by Skype, by phone, by Face Time, as well as in person, when you attend our workshop intensives and/or certification courses offered throughout the year.

By the way, we also found a new venue for our workshops in Monteagle (my primary residence continues to be in Monteagle) at the Dubose Conference Center; we are thrilled for this addition to our gratitude list! (http://www.duboseconf.org/ )

Although we will no longer inhabit a physical office, Jaquetta will continue to work for our company (REAL, LLC) from her home in Chattanooga.

Our office phone will stay the same: (423) 698-0814

Or you can reach us by email at: [email protected].

Also you CAN now schedule your own private appointments with me direct (for phone and Skype sessions only) from our Setmore calendar  Just scroll down and click on “Book Appointment,” and follow the prompts from there.

Thank you to all of my friends and clients in Chattanooga. I have felt so loved and supported over the years by you. I do not know if I will return to Chattanooga for more than visits in the future, but nothing will ever fill the space that Chattanooga holds in my heart.

And at the same time, I'm on fire for the journey. I love feeling in step with what I believe I am here to do. I feel grateful that I get to witness the prolific evidence of an ongoing exchange between our Self and Source every single day. I have learned that Anything is possible.

If you are feeling called to step more deeply into the work and teachings that I offer – you might consider speaking with us about further training in the Reality Formula™.  We have lots of opportunities coming your way.


Starting this spring, on April 11th, 2017, The Reality Formula for Kids™ Certification Course starts.

We consider this course to be the elemental teaching for the Reality Formula™. Simplified for kids; it teaches the basics of how to live the Reality Formula™ in our own lives, and in our families. It is an eight week course, and includes a weekend training intensive at the end. Danielle Alvarez-Greer (co-founder of Reality Formula™ For Kids) and I will be offering this course both onsite in Chattanooga, and by Skype to interested students.

As turbulent as our world may be, the Reality is that there are ways to peace. We have found key principles that allows us a sense of purpose and peace even in this confused world.

I believe the Reality Formula™ is needed now more than ever! I believe I (maybe you, too?) am being called to take it out into the world. I go unhesitatingly, which does not mean there is no fear. I, too, too have old stories that arise in the mind to instill doubt and fear. I ask that you place the Reality Formula™ and me, as its mouthpiece, in a bubble of love and protection.

I visualize us, you and me, in alignment with the guiding principles, that they may bring us fully into the adventure of walking in conscious dialog with a Universe that is closer to us than our very skin.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Years!

Lynne (with help from Jaquetta)


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