The Story of A Face; Part Two

The Man's Greatest Friend
Creative Commons License photo credit: Olgierd Pstrykotwórca

I shared with you a couple of weeks ago about an experience I had while studying a photo of myself and noticing the stark contrast between the right and left side of my face. (The Story of A Face; Part One)

A few days after I blogged about my photo experience, my husband, Daniel shared some helpful information with me that helped me to understand that facial contrast even more. Daniel had watched a documentary on TV about the fascinating way dogs read the human face. From the documentary he learned that in order to read a humans intentions a dog scans the right side of the face (which is to their left looking straight on). He told me that research with dogs has shown that dogs have a left gaze bias.

As it turns out, humans do too.

Researchers have shown that humans flicker their eyes towards the left when looking at a person opposite of them. They do this to read the emotions on the right side of the face. The right side of the face shows more emotions than the left, as it is steered by the more emotional left side of the brain. This reaction is called the left gaze bias.

The right side of the face shows the current emotional status on the human face! It is the side of the face that reflects the emotion being generated by the thoughts we think.

So that explains the difference in the two sides of my face! The right side of my face (and yours too) reflects the stories we are currently telling ourself! Wow – maybe this is how some seem to be able to read minds! 🙂

We are such fascinating creatures!

Blessings, Lynne

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